220: the Republican Party already controls the House of Representatives.

The GOP has options in 2 districts. In Alaska, Democratic candidate Mary Pelolta is on her way to a virtually certain victory.

The turnaround in the House of Representatives desired by the Republicans took place. The Republican Party snatches the majority in the Lower House from the Democratic Party. Right now, the GOP has a difference of 8 seats, which are the remaining seats to be apportioned. They are from states such as California, Alaska, or Colorado.

The Republican Party has obtained a net gain of 7 representatives. The latest victories are those of David Valadao in California's 22nd district and Laurent Boebert in Colorado's 3rd. Adam Frisch (D), the opponent of the Trumpist representative, has acknowledged his defeat despite the close result (0.2 percentage points).

Republicans: options in 2 districts

The districts where the GOP has a chance to win are California's No. 3, where Republican Kevin Kiley is 4 points ahead of Democrat Kermit Jones, with 71% of the votes counted. The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal consider it a Republican-majority district. Also in California, the Republican Party has a 0.6 percentage point lead in the 13th district. Less than 5% of the votes remain to be counted.


Mary Pelolta (D) can repeat as Alaska's sole representative, but to do so she must exceed 50% of the vote, and with the 99% count she has 48.7%. Behind him are two Republican candidates: former Governor Sarah Palin (25.8%) and Nick Begich (23.4%), a member of one of those statewide political sagas that occur all over the country.

If Pelolta does not obtain half or more of the votes, the instant runoff is set in motion. Voters, in addition to choosing their favorite candidate, have to indicate in order which candidates are next in their preferences.

The Wall Street Journal quotes Jacob Rubashkin, editor of the independent election analysis center Inside Politics, as saying that Pelolta is already impossible for the other two candidates to beat. The tally of second choices will be known on Wednesday, November 23.

GOP dominates in Texas

The Republican Party won in 25 of Texas ' 38 districts, gaining the Lone Star State a majority of seats in the House of Representatives. The Republican candidate for District 15, Monica De La Cruz, celebrated her victory in South Texas:

Only in this great country can the granddaughter of a Mexican peasant go from ironing shirts to passing college and becoming a member of Congress. Thank you, South Texas! Thank you!

For her part, the Republican candidate for District 34, Mayra Flores, did not win her seat. She thanked the donors and people who supported her campaign and criticized those who did not turn out to vote:

The RED WAVE did not occur. Republicans and independents stayed home. DON'T COMPLAIN ABOUT THE RESULTS IF YOU DIDN'T DO YOUR PART!