Republican senators introduce bill to end collusion between Biden administration and Big Tech

The proposal would oblige officials from the executive and legislative branches to report on censorship requests.

A group of Republican senators introduced legislation that would force the Biden administration to report on censorship requests made to them by tech companies.

Tennessee Republican Sen. Bill Hagerty, introduced the bill Thursday. It was also sponsored by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, South Dakota Sen. Mike Rounds, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall and Wyoming Sen. Cynthia Lummis.

The project, entitled Governmental Disclosure Censorship Law, would require the government to disclose the parameters for Big Tech companies’ censorship requests and require both executive and legislative branch officials to disclose any communications with tech firms that are related to speech restriction.

"The collusion between the Biden administration and Big Tech that has come to light over the last two years is not only disturbing but inconsistent with the government’s constitutional role in American life" expressed Hagerty, highlighting that, if the government is working with technology companies to censor Americans, it is important to let it be known.

"This legislation will require transparency from governments, including the Biden administration, when they collude with Big Tech and silence Americans in the process," Senator Rubio said.

Americans reject Big Tech censorship

A survey conducted last year by Susquehanna Polling and Research found that a majority of Americans (66%) oppose censorship by platforms such as Twitter, Google and Facebook.

Democratic Party supporters are more likely to approve these types of measures than GOP supporters. According to the survey, 39% of Democrats support censorship, while only 13% of conservatives support restricting speech.