Republican candidate Lee Zeldin attacked at campaign rally

A man armed with a sharp object has pounced on him during a speech. Republicans are calling for a stop to these violent attacks at once.

Lee Zeldin, Republican candidate for Governor of New York, has been attacked at a campaign event. The congressman was giving a speech in Monroe County (Perinton) when he was attacked by a gunman.

During a rally for veterans of foreign wars, an individual approached Zeldin with a sharp object and attempted to assault him. After a melee, the alleged attacker was reduced and the candidate returned to the stage to finish his speech.

Katie Vincentz, Zeldin's campaign spokesperson, has indicated that the gubernatorial candidate and lieutenant governor candidate, Alison Esposito, are safe after the attack. The campaign is calling for a stop to this spiral of violence in New York State. This has to stop! they say.

Democrats 'warmed up' to Zeldin visit

The governor of New York, Democrat Kathy Hochul, said she condemned the incident "in the strongest possible terms". However, it was she herself who 'warmed up' the reception for Zeldin with the typical 'extreme right-wing' adjectives while sharing the candidate's agenda in the area where he was attacked.

"You sent your supporters after him. And they came," sentences Arthur Schwartz.

The assailant is in custody. Lee Zeldin himself has shown his gratitude to law enforcement and to all those who helped him reduce the assailant.

The gubernatorial candidate takes the opportunity to make a reflection: "Political accounts should be resolved at the ballot box, not on the stage of campaign events trying to violently attack candidates with whom one does not agree" he denounces.