Referendum proposed to strip Harry and Meghan of their royal titles for "treason": MEGXIT

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex became the target of criticism following the release of the fifth episode of their Netflix documentary series.

After the fifth episode of Netflix's controversial documentary series, Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex once again became the target of criticism. The outrage over the couple's statements resulted in some saying they are "betraying" their country.

If anything has been made clear from the series, it is that their main motivation for leaving the British Royal Family was to be able to make their own decisions and have more control over the narrative that surrounds them. This is especially because of the relationship between royal family members and the media, which practically requires royals to be available to the press at all times and prohibits them from reacting or defending themselves from the media frenzy.

Harry and Meghan were not comfortable with that arrangement, especially due to the harassment they came to feel from the tabloid media.

Prince William was one of the main people discussed by the Duke and Duchess in the fifth episode, especially for the way he reportedly reacted after Harry and Meghan told the royal family about their decision to become financially independent and abandon their royal duties.

"It was heartbreaking to see my brother screaming at me," recounted Prince Harry.

Harry also said that at that moment, his father said things that were not true while his grandmother remained silent. The Duke of Sussex referred to his brother as the main factor in his ultimate decision to abandon his royal duties.

"In a roundabout, gutless way, Prince Harry has just accused Prince William of bullying him out of the Royal Family. This Netflix series isn't just a delusional victimhood fantasy, it's the end of his relationship with his own brother." said journalist Dan Wootton.

To strip the dukes of their titles

GB News anchor Nana Akua was so upset by all the talk of Harry and Meghan that she accused the couple of committing "treason" and called for a national referendum to strip them of their royal titles, including Harry's "birthright" as prince.

In the journalist's view, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have become an "embarrassment to the country.” She accused Meghan of being the one dragging Harry down because of she is obsessed with herself.