Public school assistant principal admits he does not hire Catholic and conservative teachers

"The more progressive professors are more adept at conveying a Democratic message without ever having to mention politics."

The assistant principal of a public school in Connecticut has revealed in an interview that he refuses to hire Catholic teachers, conservatives and people over 30 years old because they are not progressive enough.

In a video released by Project Veritas - an initiative that brings to light unusual behavior by progressive groups through secretly recorded conversations - Jeremy Boland, the assistant principal of the Cos Cob (Connecticut) College of Elementary Education, can be seen talking about how he manages the hiring of teachers to ensure that they are progressive.

Hiring requirements: "not to be conservative".

Boland stated in the interview that he never hires teachers who are Catholic because they tend to be more conservative and it's "like they've been brainwashed." In addition, one of the most important characteristics that aspiring educators must have in their school is a clear acceptance of transsexuality in minors:

You don't hire them... I don't want to do it... Because, if someone has been brought up to be very Catholic, it's like they've been brainwashed. You can't make them change their mind. When you ask them to consider something new or change their mind, they are paralyzed, rigid.

If you have someone who is very religious or very conservative, they will probably say something negative like.  I don't think kids have enough judgment to make that decision at that age... In that case, you're out, there's nothing to do.

The assistant manager revealed that he discriminated against older people and did not hire anyone over 30 years of age as they were generally more conservative:

I need younger people ... But, if they are older, I simply don't interview them. For one position, I believe we had thirty applicants. Of all of them, I don't think I interviewed anyone who was over thirty years old... Because, sometimes, the older you get, the more you have your own way of doing things, the more conservative you´ve become.

Likewise, he explained that for him, the ideal is for educators to subtly transmit progressivism to children:

The most progressive teachers have more ability to convey the Democratic Party's message without ever mentioning politics. That's how we act, it's subtle, that's how you get away with it with no consequences, as long as the parents are never told it's a political issue.

Boland decided to recount his experience with a teacher "a conservative and with her own way of doing things" who already worked at the school, he commented that, even if he wanted to fire her he could never do it and will "never be able to change her." In those cases, he explained that the only thing he could do was to "make a difference with the next teacher you hire."

The law prohibits discrimination

Connecticut State law prohibits discriminatory hiring practices, particularly on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, and gender expression or identity.

Greenwich schools superintendent Toni Jones issued a statement after the video was made public, noting that they intend to conduct a full investigation. He referred to discriminatory hiring practices, stating that they clearly do not support them:

We became aware of a video that had gone viral with a current Cos Cob school administrator. We intend to conduct a full investigation and until that time, we will not make any public statements. We ask that you respect the investigation process during this time. (....) However, we do not endorse any views that promote discriminatory hiring practices based on race, religion, gender or age in any way.