Plane crash kills five people en route to investigate Ohio metal mill explosion

Four CTEH scientists and the pilot were killed when they crashed in Arkansas. CTEH is also investigating the spill in East Palestine, Ohio.

Several scientists from The Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health (CTEH) who were on their way to Ohio to investigate an explosion at a metal fabrication plant were killed when their plane crashed in Arkansas. The pilot and all four of the plane's passengers died as a result of the accident. This company is also analyzing the aftermath of the East Palestine, Ohio railroad accident. They were contracted by Norfolk Southern, the company of the crashed convoy.

In a statement released by CTEH, the company confirmed that the five deceased, including the pilot, were members of its staff and were on their way to Ohio. The accident took place near the Bill and Hillary Clinton Airport in Little Rock, Ark. According to initial investigations, the plane had just taken off when it hit the ground, crashing near a factory in the vicinity of the airfield. The causes of the incident are unknown at this time.

Ohio explosions investigation

It was initially thought that the scientists were headed to East Palestine, Ohio, to continue investigations into the chemical spill caused by the train derailment, which is also being investigated by CTEH. The company itself clarified to the media that these workers were instead on their way to Columbus, Ohio due to the explosion at a metal factory this week that killed one person and injured twelve.

Bad weather is the presumed cause

Although the causes of the accident are still under investigation, bad weather in the area seems to be the reason for the accident. In fact, the National Weather Service in Little Rock had warned of showers and thunderstorms at the time of the flight.