Philadelphia registers more than 500 homicides for second consecutive year

Since George Soros-backed District Attorney Larry Krasner took office, homicides have increased year after year.

Philadelphia is one of the cities with the highest crime rate and again registered more than 500 homicides for the second year in a row. As of Dec. 28, 514 murders were registered, a number that symbolizes the failure of the Democratic administration in Pennsylvania's most populous city to fight crime. Despite the fact that the number of homicides slightly decreased compared to 2021 (562), the 2022 figure is double that of 2014, when the number of murders began to increase year after year.

Source: Voz Media

In November, the Pennsylvania Senate approved removing District Attorney Larry Krasner, who held his position thanks to millions from far-left tycoon George Soros. The initiative was led by the Republican Party. Since he took office (he started in 2018) with his pro-crime policies the city suffered a considerable increase in the number of homicide victims (+46%). Krasner justified this increase to the effects of the pandemic, lack of employment and education.

"It's outrageous"

City Councilman James Kenney assured that the murder rate is dropping. The election for mayor of Philadelphia will be held on November 7, 2023 and Kenney will not be eligible for reelection. One of the Democratic Party primary candidates, Allan Domb, contradicted his party colleague:

Another Democratic hopeful, Rebecca Rhynhart, said she would turn Philadelphia's crime situation around: