Peru: first death in protests after Congress refused to move up elections

In addition, dozens of people were hurt, one of them seriously injured. Only 45 deputies voted in favor of advancing the presidential vote to October.

The protests against the leftist government of Dina Boluarte escalated after Congress refused to move up the elections to October, so much so that they have taken their first victim. Victor Santisteban Yacsavilca, 55, died after being hit in the head near Parliament. The event was broadcast live by several television networks. In addition, dozens of people were hurt, one of them seriously injured.

The Peruvian Ombudsman's Office confirmed Santisteban's death:

We regret the death of Víctor Santisteban Yacsavilca in today's violent protests, the Grau Emergency Hospital's administration is working with the Attorney General's Office to handle the matter in accordance with the law.

The political crisis is deepening in Peru. Only 45 congressmen voted in favor of moving up the presidential elections to October. In order for it to pass, they needed 87 votes. The crisis began with the self-coup d'état carried out by the former president, Pedro Castillo.

After the vote, which was held this Saturday, protests grew against Dina Boluarte and her cabinet. Prior to the congressional decision, the president stated:

I have no interest in remaining in the Presidency. We will be here until Congress agrees.

This Monday, Congress will meet to seek a way out and prevent the protests from escalating and causing more casualties.