Peronist Argentina praises Communist China

'Without the Communist Party, there would be no new China," said ambassador Sabino Vaca Narvaja.

Argentina's ambassador to China, Sabino Vaca Narvaja, praised the communist regime in Beijing in an interview with the daily newspaper Global Times, a propaganda organ of the Chinese Communist Party.

Diplomat Vaca unashamedly asserted: "Without the Communist Party, there would be no new China."

This is the second time this year that Mr. Vaca has expressed his admiration for the Chinese communist regime, responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of Chinese (some 45 million in the Great Leap Forward alone): he also did so in February, during a visit of the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, to Beijing.

Vaca, who was born in communist Cuba, said he was impressed by China's admirable economic, technological and social development and attributed it to "the great determination of the Chinese government and President Xi."

"Demonizing communism is essentially reviving the misconceptions of the Cold War, which artificially divided the world into good and bad. It's downright wrong and it's sparking conflicts," added the communist diplomat.

Sabino Vaca Narvaja is the son of Fernando Vaca Narvaja, creator of Montoneros, a former extreme left-wing terrorist organization linked to former Argentinian President Juan Domingo Perón that carried out a large number of kidnappings, robberies, attacks and assassinations under the pretext of the armed struggle against the military dictatorship of the 1970s. But the dictatorship was established in 1976, six years after the founding of the criminal gang. Recently, during an interview for a YouTube channel, Fernando Vaca Narvaja justified the crimes of Montoneros.