Pentagon reports another Chinese spy balloon flying over Latin America

Although the Pentagon did not clarify where in the region the flying object was found, it is presumed that it recently passed through Costa Rica.

New official reports reveal that China not only has a spy balloon over U.S. territory, but also one currently flying over Latin America.

Brigadier General and Defense Department spokesman Pat Ryder reported late Friday night that the Pentagon received reports that a balloon was flying over Latin America.

"We now assess it is another Chinese surveillance balloon," he said in a press release discussing the similar device that was detected in U.S. airspace.

U.S. authorities have not clarified exactly where in the Latin American region the spy balloon is. However, Costa Rican publication La Nación reported that a white flying object resembling a hot air balloon was sighted in the sky on Thursday morning.

The curious images even flooded social media. People were confused and frightened at seeing the flying object over the Pacific and the populous regions of the Central American country.

China admitted that the balloon over the U.S. was theirs

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman issued a statement admitting that the balloon spotted over U.S. territory was theirs.

According to the Chinese regime, the aircraft is mainly used for "meteorological” purposes.

Also, the spokesman said that the balloon "accidentally" entered the United States after being affected by westerly winds, which caused a deviation from its planned trajectory.

However, the Pentagon has already reported that the aircraft can "maneuver" and that they even noticed that it changed course while flying over U.S. airspace.

"We know this is a Chinese balloon and it has the ability to maneuver," said Defense Department spokesman Pat Ryder.