Pentagon again denies sending National Guard to Washington DC for immigration control

The Defense Department rejects second request by Mayor Bowser to have troops collaborate for the reception of illegals in the capital.

A second attempt and a second rejection in just a few days. The arrival of immigrants in Washington D.C. prompted Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) to again ask the Pentagon for the presence of the National Guard in the city, and again, it was met with a negative response.

In a letter reviewed by Fox News, Department of Defense Executive Secretary Kelly Bulliner Holly argued that "the District of Columbia National Guard (DCNG) has no specific experience or training for this type of mission or unique skills in providing facilities, food, sanitation or ground support."

For her part, the councilwoman said in a tweet that she will guarantee a "humanitarian system for those people who arrive in DC before going to their final destination," assuming that the illegals are only passing through the capital.

Since April, approximately 7,000 immigrants have been transported from Texas to Washington D.C., according to Texas Governor Greg Abbott's office.

"Before, only Texas and Arizona bore the brunt of the chaos and the problems that come with it. Now, the rest of the country can understand exactly what is happening," Abbott explained. A crisis that is accentuated by the entry of criminals and drugs such as fentanyl.

Tension among Democrats

The wave of immigrants arriving to the country through the southern border has generated disagreements within the Democratic Party, so much so that President Biden is concerned about the stance of some of his strongmen regarding his immigration policy.

A few days ago, the mayor of New York, Eric Adams, described as a "real burden" the arrival of immigrants from Texas to the Big Apple; a stance that clashes with the Biden Administration's policy of inaction.

Muriel herself described the situation in the city as "unsustainable", denouncing that Washington D.C. has reached a "tipping point" after the arrival of immigrants. However, she declined Governor Abbott's invitation to come, along with the mayor of New York, to see firsthand the border"invasion" that the state of Texas is experiencing as a consequence of the assault on the southern border.