Video: Pence makes his candidacy official

The former vice president presents his project without mentioning Trump. He accused "Biden and the radical left" of "weakening America".

Former Vice President Mike Pence posted a video on Twitter making his campaign for the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential election official. Presenting himself as a diplomatic leader, able to appeal "to the better angels of our nature," Pence recalled his achievements as vice president under Donald Trump, whom he does not name in the video.

"Biden and the radical left have weakened America"

In the video, Pence mentions national icons while talking about the ideals with which the U.S. has traditionally been identified. Pence says the country is in a "lot of trouble," starting with "President Biden and the radical left," who have "weakened America." He also accused the current president of conceding too much ground to the country's international enemies.

Today our party and our country need a leader who appeals, as Lincoln said, to the better angels of our nature. My family and I have been blessed beyond measure with opportunities to serve this nation, and it would be easy to sit on the sidelines. But that's not how I was raised. That is why today, before God and my family, I am announcing that I am running for president of the United States.

Pence presents himself as a different leader for different times

He also referred to the economic risks that citizens are currently facing, such as inflation, loss of purchasing power and fears of a recession. Likewise, Pence mentioned the border, which "is under siege." For all these reasons, he declared that "different times require different leadership." He sees himself capable of assuming the role to "defend" and give the country a “new beginning.” “The best days of the greatest nation on Earth are yet to come," he emphasized.

Right now, Pence is the third choice for Republican voters, according to polls. With 5% support in the polls, he is far behind Trump and Ron DeSantis.

Presentation Act

Hours after the release of the video, Pence held an event in Iowa, accompanied by his wife, in which he announced to his supporters his intention to participate in the primaries. The former vice president justified the choice of location because "Indiana will always be home, but Karen Pence and I wanted to be here today, in person, because we know this is where the great American Comeback begins!".