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Elon Musk blames college communism for problems with transgender child

The Tesla owner believes that the prevailing sentiment in elite schools of "if you're rich, you're bad" affected his parental relationship.


J.K Rowling singles out several artists for supporting a trans organization with pedophile links

An executive of Mermaids, which defines itself as "a safe place for transgender and non-binary youth" advocated calling pedophiles "people with child attraction."

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Scandal in Mexico: transgender congresswoman posts pornographic video and defines herself as a whore

María Clemente García Moreno claims that she engages in prostitution. The legislator belongs to the Morena party of the current president of the Aztec country.


Army's first transgender officer accused of attempting to leak classified information to Russia

Jamie Lee Henry and his wife are indicted for conspiracy in trying to help the Russians in the conflict against Ukraine.


Trans organization recommends castration for self-identified 'eunuchs' in new health guide

The association relied on erotic fantasy stories about castration, pedophilia, sexual torture and medical experiments on children to create the guide.