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The DOJ charges the whistleblower who revealed that the Texas Children's Hospital performed trans treatment on minors with four crimes

Surgeon Eithan Haim claims that the agency is pursuing him to "silence whistleblowers" who expose medical corruption or the dangers of hormones and surgeries on minors.

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A trans woman is crowned Miss Maryland: The 'woke' movement is destroying beauty pageants

The state will have, for the first time, a representative at Miss USA who is considered a woman but is biologically male.


Shohei Ohtani's translator pleads guilty to stealing nearly $17 million from baseball star

According to the DOJ, Ippei Mizuhara used the money to pay off his gambling debts.


California: Self-identified female inmate transferred to men's prison after being accused of rape

Tremaine Deon Carroll, a biological male, was serving time in a women's correctional facility when he allegedly committed two sexual assault crimes.


JK Rowling regrets not having spoken out about transgender issues sooner

According to the 'Harry Potter' author, who has been surrounded by controversy since 2018, she did not speak before about the trans movement since those close to her "begged her not to talk about it."