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Georgia Board of Elections sanctions Fulton County for committing 'irregularities' in 2020 presidential election

The investigation indicated that election workers scanned more than 3,000 ballots twice. "There is no way that this electoral process or its recounts have been certified," declared Republican Janice Johnston.


Georgia court will review Trump's request to disqualify Fani Willis

The former president alleged that the prosecutor committed malpractice and violated ethical standards during the investigation of the electoral interference case in Georgia.


Brawl in parliament of Georgia after MP assaults member of the ruling party

Citizens leader Aleko Elisashvili lashed out at Georgian Dream executive secretary Mamuku Mdinaradze while speaking from the chamber's speaker's rostrum.


The Biden administration points against a law promoted by the government of Georgia: it could "derail" the country from its "European path"

From the State Department, they described the legislation as "a threat to society's organizations."


Rough week: Judge McAfee rejects Trump's motion to dismiss Georgia case

The former president's lawyers argued that the case should be dismissed under the First Amendment.