Ohio files suit against Norfolk Southern over East Palestine train derailment

The state attorney general explained that with this action he seeks to ensure that the railroad company pays for the damages caused by the incident.

The Ohio attorney general's office filed a lawsuit against Norfolk Southern Railroad for the train derailment that occurred Feb. 3 in East Palestine. Ohio.

Attorney General Dave Yost explained that the federal lawsuit seeks to ensure that the train company pays for both the cleanup and environmental damages caused by the spill of toxic substances that were aboard the train that derailed:

This afternoon in the federal district court for the northern district of Ohio, the state of Ohio has sued Norfolk Southern over the February 3 derailment and subsequent toxic spill that occurred near the village in the village of East Palestine. This is a 53-count complaint. One hundred six pages and looks to hold Norfolk Southern responsible for their actions. 

Among the charges would be several violations of both state and federal laws related to hazardous waste, air pollution, water pollution, in addition to a common law negligence charge, among others.

Yost opined that Norfolk Southern should pay for groundwater and soil monitoring for years to come.

"The fallout from this highly preventable accident is going to reverberate through Ohio and Ohioans for many years to come," he said.

Norfolk Southern pledged more than $20 million

The railroad company has so far promised more than $20 million, but there really has been no commitment to pay and the lawsuit actually seeks the minimum payment of $75,000 for federal damages caused by the accident.

Yost said that the long-term impact of the spill has yet to be determined, not only for the farmers and their livestock, but also because of the health problems that could arise for the population:

The damages will far exceed that minimum as the situation in East Palestine continues to unfold.