NYT: Mayra Flores accused of being "far right"

The Republican congresswoman responds: "I have only received hatred from the ultra-left, which tells me to go back to Mexico".

The New York Times has published an article entitled "The Rise of the Far-Right Latinas", dedicated to Mayra Flores. The Republican has been elected representative for the 34th district of Texas, a constituency with a large Hispanic majority, and where the Democratic Party has won election after election in the last two years.

The article is written by Jennifer Medina, who writes regularly on issues related to "immigration, education and poverty." Medina says in the NYT, "The Trump era has brought forth a new kind of Texas Republican, one who already walks the halls of Congress: the ultra-right-wing Latina."

From Mexico to Texas

The article acknowledges the great worth of Flores' political success: "She became the first Republican to represent the Rio Grande Valley in more than a century after she won the special election last month and turned a blue seat red. She also became the first Latina Republican Texas has sent to Congress."

But the immigration and poverty expert is not celebrating that Flores, an immigrant woman from a poor family, has come this far. Congresswoman Flores has responded to the article by telling her own story: "I was born in Burgos, Tamaulipas, Mexico, and I was raised with strong conservative values, to always put God and family first.

What's more, the article cites a Democratic analyst as an authority. And the analyst, Ruben Gallego, says the representative who has won the special election in Texas' 34th district does not actually represent "mainstream Hispanic voters."

"Go back to Mexico."

Mayra Flores' response came in an interview she gave to Fox News. In it, the congresswoman has detailed what kind of response she has received from the media for her story of personal overcoming: "I have only received hate from the liberal media and the left has constantly told me to go back to Mexico. They don't support us immigrants, they only use us for political power and don't care about our well being. I am here now and I will not allow them to continue to take advantage of my people. The NYT knows nothing about me or our culture. We are people of God, Family and Work, Si Señor!".

El artículo menciona en seis ocasiones a QAnon, y muestra su decepción por que una y otra vez Mayra Flores no apoye las teorías conspirativas de esa organización.

El artículo del NYT no sólo se dedica a Mayra Flores. Jennifer Medina se duele de que haya otras candidatas hispanas que sean netamente conservadoras. Una de ellas, Cassy García, que ha sido elegida en el distrito 28 de Texas, también ha respondido al artículo del NYT: "Cuando la Izquierda Radical me difama por mi fe y por apoyar la elección de escuela, no me ataca a mí sola. Están atacando a millones de familias hispanas y a mi comunidad. #TX28. Nunca dejaré de luchar por nuestros valores".