Norfolk Southern train derails in Alabama hours prior to CEO testifying before Senate

"There are no injuries and no reports of hazardous materials leaks, we have no roadblocks," the Calhoun County Emergency Management Agency said.

A Norfolk Southern train derailed in Calhoun County, Alabama. There are no reports of injuries, nor any reports of hazardous materials leaking after 30 rail cars went off the rails, according to a  Emergency Management Agency spokesman from the county.

"There are no injuries or reports of hazardous materials leaks, we have no roadblocks."

The accident occurred around 6:45 a.m. in the Quad Cities area of White Plains and while it is unclear what caused it, Norfolk Southern reported that it was working with the agency to investigate the reason and clean up the area:

Norfolk Southern has responded and is working closely with us (...)Norfolk Southern has its cleanup team on site and there is no estimate of how long it will take.

Authorities said the 212-car train was headed to Birmingham, Alabama, from Bellevue, Ohio. Kraig Barner, Norfolk Southern's chief operating officer, said that although the train was carrying diesel fluid and an additive used in wastewater treatment, those materials do not pose a risk to area residents.

Train derailed in Alabama hours before counsel testifies

This train derailed in Alabama just hours before the company's CEO, Alan Shaw, was to face lawmakers in the Senate to answer questions about the Feb. 3 accident that caused a toxic chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio.