The Palestinians have to understand that they will not be able to make Israel disappear. Neither will the worst threat to the Jewish state today: Iran.

The Islamic Jihad terrorist group is once again attacking Israel from the Gaza Strip with a huge number of rockets targeting its civilian population; one of them hit a building in the city of Rehovot, killing one person and injuring seven others.

The offensive by the Palestinian grouping is not surprising, as the Jewish state launched Operation Shield and Arrow last Tuesday, eliminating three leaders of the Islamist organization in response to the wave of attacks against Israelis.

During the Israeli operation, two more Islamic Jihad leaders were eliminated, and the number may increase.

This new round of clashes will not be the last, as it is part of the never-ending Palestinian cause, which is nothing less than the destruction of Israel and the perpetration of a new Holocaust. They will not succeed.

Israel is in the best moment of its history. Yes, despite being in a neighborhood where enemies abound, despite bombings, despite rocket attacks, etc., I reiterate, it is in the best moment of its history. The peace agreements reached with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan, the progress made in this regard with Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region, the comments of Arab and Muslim intellectuals and journalists who are increasingly encouraged to criticize the Palestinian leadership, all show that much of the Arab and Muslim world has had enough of their cause. This is in addition to Israel's official relations with Egypt and Jordan since 1979 and 1994, respectively.

The Khartoum Resolution, signed in 1967 by eight Arab countries in Sudan, which included the three noes - no to peace with Israel, no to recognition of the State of Israel and no to negotiations with Israel - is being forgotten. Arab and Muslim countries understand that they stand to gain a great deal from relations with the Jewish state, and they stand to gain little or nothing by unconditionally supporting the corrupt, authoritarian and terrorist Palestinian leadership in both Gaza (Hamas) and the West Bank (Palestinian Authority).

Negotiations with the Palestinians are at an impasse; they have never really advanced, not even when there was dialogue, an optical illusion designed to show the world what they are not. Throughout history, they have time and again rejected any peace agreement, even when the concessions Israel wanted to make were excessive. In an article published three years ago in the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot, Israeli journalist Ben Dror Yemini recalled that in 2009 the late Palestinian diplomat Saeb Erekat explained to the Jordanian newspaper Ad Dustur why the Palestinians decided to reject Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's very generous proposal the previous year:"[El ex primer ministro] Ehud Barak offered us 90% [de los territorios en disputa] and Olmert offered us 100%. Why should we rush?". They didn't want to rush even when they were offered everything they supposedly demanded, as they their only objective was, is and will be to throw the Jews into the sea.

The brutality and savagery of the Palestinian leaders even lead them to be divided, and today they are governed by two organizations that hate each other as much or more than they hate Israel: Hamas, allied with Islamic Jihad, in Gaza, and Fatah, at the head of the Palestinian National Authority, in the West Bank. This division generates not only that Israel has no one to dialogue with, it is also detrimental to the Palestinians themselves. But the truth is that they will never agree, which is counterproductive for the troubled region. However, it is the Palestinians who suffer the most. And while its leaders are trying to destroy each other and Israel, the Jewish state continues to advance in all fields. It is the land of opportunity and freedom in an area where both are conspicuous by their absence. It is where all its citizens, Jews and Arabs alike, want to live. Israel seeks to continue building, while its enemies only want to destroy.

The Palestinians have to understand that they will not be able to make Israel disappear. Neither will the worst threat to the Jewish State today: Iran. The murderous psychopaths of the ayatollahs are more isolated than ever, and even the Iranian population has lost its fear of them. They will fall. Sooner or later, they will fall, and the Iranians will be able to live in peace and coexist with their neighbors, including the Israelis.

The road is long and riddled with obstacles, but to understand why Israel is at its best moment it is necessary to look at history. The Jews have overcome the Holocaust and can now not only defend themselves with strength and forcefulness against those who want to perpetrate another one, but in a few years they have managed to build an advanced country and an example for the world in many aspects so necessary today - technology, science, agriculture, medicine, etc. - and where various ethnic groups, religions and cultures can live together in peace and with the freedom to do as they please, and fight together to take care of the country, since the IDF is not composed only of Jews. In this regard, Arab-Israeli Yoseph Haddad, who was severely wounded during the Second Lebanon War while serving in the army, expressed, "Terrorists do not distinguish between Arabs and Jews."

It is time for Israel's enemies to understand that they will not be able to break the Jewish State. Much less in this new Middle East. If they ever deign to allow their peoples to prosper, they must stop indoctrinating them in hatred and accept that Israel is there to stay, and they will have no alternative but to recognize the Jewish State, which has shown throughout its history that it always has one hand outstretched for peace, but the other is always ready to defend itself.