New York: Man who spread panic at McDonald's with axe freed without bail

District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a Democrat, decided to release the defendant.

Michael Palacios, 31, threatened several people in a McDonald's in New York City with an axe . The defendant, who also caused damage to the facility, was released without bail the same day by the office of District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a Democrat .

Viral attack

A video recorded by a bystander shows the defendant and three other men engaged in a violent altercation at a McDonald's in Manhattan. The images have been viewed more than 25 million times.

At the beginning of the recording, a verbal dispute turns violent when three individuals hit Palacios several times. Although he appears to be unaffected, after a barrage of blows he calmly reaches into his backpack, pulls out an axe and threatens the people who attacked him and other customers inside the fast food restaurant.

Seconds later, Palacios is seen violently punching several objects, including breaking a glass wall. He is also seen punching a man who was not involved in the initial physical altercation in the head.

A witness told The New York Post that the defendant - who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol - had been rejected by a woman before the violent incident occurred.

Released without bail

Palacios was arrested and charged with felony fourth-degree battery and possession of a weapon. But he was released without bail hours later by Bragg's office. Under New York criminal justice law, none of the charges are bailable.

The defendant claimed on his Instagram account that he was chased for five minutes by police officers while riding his bicycle - on which he fled - through Manhattan's Lower East Side. He added that before being taken to the police station he was taken to the hospital because he dislocated his shoulder when he fell off his bicycle.

He also commented that the police officers said "it was a fun chase" after they arrested him and gave him "props" for going viral on social media. At the end of his post, Palacios stated, "Also you gun nuts are psychopaths. If I had a gun, I would use it as an axe."