New York and Chicago ask Colorado to stop sending buses full of illegal immigrants

Denver has become one of the most popular destinations for illegal immigrants in recent months.

Greg Abbott isn't the only governor to send busloads of immigrants to sanctuary cities, a practice that Americans overwhelmingly support. A few days ago, his counterpart in Colorado, Jared Polis, made the same decision and sent hundreds of illegal immigrants to New York and Chicago, two of the self-proclaimed sanctuary cities.

The mayors of both cities, Eric Adams and Lori E. Lightfoot, asked their party colleague to refrain from sending more immigrants in a joint letter:

While we share the concern of accommodating the flood of asylum seekers, overburdening other cities is not the solution.

For the time being, Polis has stopped renting buses to send illegal immigrants to both Chicago and New York, although he did not promise that there would be more shipments in the future.

The state capital, Denver, has received a large influx of illegal immigrants over the last few months, becoming one of the cities that has taken in the most illegal immigrants. Its mayor, Michael Hancock, had to declare a state of emergency due to this constant influx. Incidentally, Polis, Hancock, Adams, and Lightfoot are all members of the Democratic Party.