New storms and tornadoes leave at least two dead in Oklahoma

The meteorological phenomena once again devastated the center of the country and destroyed houses and power outages.

Severe storms with tornadoes, winds and hail ripped through the central United States Wednesday, leaving at least two people dead in Oklahoma. The National Weather Service issued tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings Wednesday night in Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa, In addition to the fatalities, several injuries, destroyed homes and thousands of people without power were reported.

One of the hardest hit areas was central Oklahoma, where several tornadoes occurred. One of them struck the communities of Shawnee and Cole. It was in the latter small town, part of McClain County and about 25 miles south of Oklahoma City, that the force of the tornado was most devastating. Across the state of Oklahoma more than 23,000 customers were without power, according to

The National Meteorological Service described the tornado's movement as "erratic" and continued to issue warnings throughout the day for various locations in the central part of the country.

In this regard, Oklahoma was not the only state to experience adverse weather conditions Wednesday night. Kansas and Iowa also experienced severe thunderstorms and hail.

Storms this spring have spawned tornadoes in the South, Midwest and Northeast, killing dozens of people.