Netflix puts an end to shared accounts

The streaming platform announces that by the end of March, users won't be able to share their passwords with others.

Netflix is putting an end to shared accounts. The streaming platform had been announcing for some time that it wanted to end having multiple people access the entertainment giant's services with the same password. The company said in a letter to their advertisers that this posed a serious risk to their business:

Today’s widespread account sharing (100M+ households) undermines our long term ability to invest in and improve Netflix, as well as build our business

However, the way to stop this from happening had not been announced. Until now. Netflix informed its customers in its "help center" how it would proceed to prevent shared access. Most importantly, it said, the account sharing option will only be available to people living in the same household.

Connecting to the same WiFi once a month

In order to have "uninterrupted access to Netflix," users will have to open the app or the platform's website and watch something from home, connected to the main location's Wi-Fi network, once every 31 days.

Otherwise, the account will be blocked until you contact the company, which, after verifying that you meet the requirements, will provide you with a temporary code that will allow you to log in. With this option, this device will become "reliable" and will allow you to enjoy the company's content "even when you are away from your primary location."

In addition, the streaming platform said it could check that the connected devices are indeed in the same household by using "information such as IP addresses, device IDs and account activity of devices that are logged into the Netflix account."

What if you travel?

The company also took into account several exceptions. It is true that it is not possible to guarantee that a person will be home all 31 days. For this reason, Netflix also announced that it would provide options to try to solve unforeseen events that could arise and that would cause the same device to be in the same home for no more than one month.

For example, the option to enjoy content while traveling will still be available. To do so, the company informs, the user may request a temporary code that will be used for seven days. This code will be sent by e-mail to the owner of the account and must be entered in the device within 15 minutes.

They also assured that they would ease the transition for users who open their own personal account. All accounts now have the option to change the profile to a new account without losing data. Just go to the settings tab and click on the "Profile Transfer" option.

In addition, the company said, "you will not be automatically charged if you share your account with someone who does not live with you." This puts an end to the company's ongoing testing in countries such as Chile, Costa Rica and Peru which, according to The Hill, charges a lower price than the platform's basic rate. Citizens of these countries have the option of sharing an account with someone who does not live in the same household. However, in the United States, this option is not available.