20% of Democrats trust GOP more on immigration enforcement

Rasmussen Reports delivers bad news to the Biden Administration, under whom immigration soared in 2021.

A Rasmussen Reports poll gives the GOP victory over Democrats on immigration. According to the poll released last week, Biden flunks with voters for his handling of borders and migrants. Nearly one in five Democratic voters even admit to trusting GOP representatives more when it comes to controlling immigration in the United States.

Nineteen percent of respondents who vote Democratic said they trust GOP candidates more for this task. The findings come after a federal judge in Florida declared the immigration policy imposed by the Biden Administration since 2021 illegal. According to Rasmussen, 52% of white voters, 35% of black voters and 55% of other minorities trust Republicans more to solve this crisis.

Biden fails

Only 30% of the voters consider his management of immigration to be good or excellent since he came to the White House, compared to 51% who disapprove of the Democratic Administration's policies. As early as January, polls showed Biden as the main culprit in the immigration crisis plaguing the southern border. According to the responses collected by Rasmussen, only 19% felt that the situation on the border with Mexico is not alarming since Biden took office.

In 2021, illegal entries rose dramatically. In FY 2022, the Border Patrol had border encounters with 2,766,582 illegal migrants, a number that was up from 2021, which had already more than tripled the 2020 figure. The death toll also increased on the southern border, according to The National Pulse, with nearly 1,000 individuals tragically dying while attempting or after crossing the border.