Musk, the new 'Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator'

The new moderation policies will make the social network "the most accurate source of information in the world, regardless of political affiliation," according to the billionaire.

Elon Musk assumes the role of Chief Twit of his new acquisition and is already starting to apply his moderation policies to make Twitter "the world's most accurate source of information, regardless of political affiliation," in his own words.

This Wednesday, the White House posted a tweet touting a hike to retiree benefits and giving credit to President Joe Biden. It was subsequently forced to delete it, after the social network added a "context" note explaining that the increase was motivated by runaway inflation.

"Seniors have gotten the biggest increase in their pensions in 10 years because of President Biden's leadership," tweeted the Administration's official account. After posting the message, Twitter added a mention specifying that the reason for the increase is a 1972 law that establishes that there must be automatic increases in these benefits as the inflation rate varies.

"The tweet was not complete."

The episode followed Musk's announcement of the creation of a moderation committee, which will be responsible for monitoring content on the platform. Twitter adds "context" notes - automatically - to some messages that may lack information to be accurately understood and those that are highly viral, the company explains:

This means that the algorithm takes into account not only how many contributors rated a note as 'Helpful' or 'Not Helpful', but also whether the people who rated it represent different perspectives.

The message - now deleted - has been spread by thousands of people on the app in the form of screenshots with messages for and against. One of the most controversial, the message from activist Spike Cohen detailing the sequence of events concerning the issue. Musk responded, "The system is working," while sharing a "rolling on the floor laughing" emoji.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre acknowledged that the message was incomplete: "It was not complete. Usually, when we publish a tweet, we publish it with context, and this one did not have that context," she stressed.

'Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator.'

Another controversy in which the billionaire Tesla CEO has been involved, is a dispute with Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who criticized Musk's plan to charge users $8 a month to have the iconic blue check - verified account - on their profiles.

Musk recently changed his bio to 'Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator', and was there to respond to the rep: "Your comments are appreciated, now pay $8."

After the dispute, many memes were trending on social networks. The best ones posted by Musk making comparisons on the rate the app would charge compared to Starbucks coffee prices.

Or by comparing the price with campaign material that has the same name of the representative on it.