Most Americans don't accept the traditional media narrative

A poll revealed that a majority of citizens do not believe that Hunter Biden's laptop story is about "Russian disinformation" or Trump's conspiracy with Russia.

An analysis of the recently released Harvard CAPS/Harris polling report concluded that most Americans no longer trust the narrative of many major media outlets.

Via Twitter, journalist Glenn Greenwald shared some of the results that most caught his attention from a recently published survey on the opinion of citizens regarding some of the most critical issues facing the country, highlighting that the data shows "how radically out of touch is liberal corporate media with the views of Americans."

The first graph he shared was on Americans' views on Russia's alleged collusion with Trump, which shows that most believe the stories about the suspected collusion are "false."

"In other words, they view the story the US media aggressively centered for 3 years as a hoax and a fraud, yet NBC and CNN won't even air this view," Greenwald commented.

Another statistic reveals that 59% of Americans believe that Hunter Biden's laptop story is genuine and not "Russian disinformation," which would once again run counter to reports put out by various left-wing media outlets.

Most Americans also believe Hunter Biden engaged in criminal influence peddling using his father's name. They also think that Joe Biden participated in his son's illegal influence peddling and profiteering schemes and that the FBI is not investigating these crimes.

The survey also shows that most voters are deeply concerned about political manipulation in the country and believe that "sweeping" reform is needed.

"What's so striking here isn't that the corporate media relentlessly advocates views and ideologies that majorities of Americans - often large majorities - reject. It's that the views held by majorities are all but banned on NBC, CNN, NYT and WPost," the journalist commented.

Survey confirms distrust of the media

Just a few months ago, a survey by the Knight Foundation, in partnership with Gallup, made it clear that a large percentage of Americans no longer trust the national news media. The report revealed that at least half of the respondents believe the national press seeks to mislead or misinform their viewers.