More than half a million migrants crossed the border in the first two months of the fiscal year

Between October and November, at least 409,000 were intercepted and it is estimated that more than 140,000 managed to escape.

Immigration pressure continues to increase at the southern border, with Title 42 still in effect. Border Patrol agents reported the apprehension of more than 409,000 immigrants during October and November, and estimate that at least 140,000 more have managed to evade them and enter the U.S.

According to the Southwest Land Border Migration Report, in October the Border Patrol apprehended 205,000 people trying to gain access to the US. In November the figures were slightly higher, with 206,239 interceptions.
To these figures must be added the more than 140,000 illegals that Customs and Border Security Agency officials estimate have managed to pass through undetected, Breitbart was told.

In 2020, there were 400,000 encounters throughout the year

With the increase in encounters in November, this is the third consecutive month of growth in the number of immigrants detained. The 206,239 people apprehended is a 23% increase over last year's data, and nearly 200% compared to the same month in 2020, with Donald Trump in the White House.

In fact, during all of 2020, agents intercepted 400,000 people, a lower number than in the first two months of FY2023. In Joe Biden's first year in office, the figure rose to 1,600,000, a record that was smashed by the 2022 data, with 2,200,000 million.