More than 83,000 illegal migrants crossed the border the week before the end of Title 42

According to Border Patrol, between May 5 and 11, almost 12,000 people crossed into the country per day, a number that could rise to 16,000 in the coming days.

Raul Ortiz, head of the Border Patrol (BP), reported that in the days leading up to the end of Title 42, nearly 12,000 illegal migrants crossed the border per day. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) forecasts warn that this number could exceed 13,000 every day, and even 16,000, according to the BP Union.

The four days leading up to the end of Title 42 were the most intense at the border

According to CBP's weekly report, which Ortiz summarized in a tweet, between May 5 and May 11 (the day Title 42 ended), agents detained 67,759 people. In addition, another 15,780 are estimated to have crossed the border by circumventing border controls and are unaccounted for. Ortiz also reported that three agents were assaulted during this period of time.

This is a 100% increase compared to the statistics for March and April when the flow had been reduced to around 5,000 encounters per day. According to Border Patrol union agents, the numbers increased sharply in the four days leading up to the end of the mandate which allowed officials to immediately return immigrants back across the border.

CBP busses migrants back to Mexico

DHS continues to warn undocumented immigrants that they will be deported under Title 8, which regulates immigration legislation. Gloria Chavez, head of CBP in Rio Grande, uploaded a video to her Twitter account showing how a group of intercepted illegal aliens was sent back to Mexico by bus. Acting Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, Troy Miller, retweeted her post and emphasized that those attempting to cross the border illegally will be sent back.