Minneapolis to buy gas station next to George Floyd's death site to erect memorial

The City Council will spend at least $200,000 to turn the site into a 'racial justice' center and a memorial to the offender.

The city of Minneapolis decided to purchase the Speedway gas station located at the intersection where George Floyd died and turn it into a 'national racial justice healing center' and permanent memorial for remembrance of the criminal who died of cardiac arrest after a confrontation with police in May 2020.

As reported by The Star Tribune, on Thursday the City Council unanimously approved the process of purchasing the former gas station at 3744 Chicago Ave. This is the site where a mural was erected in memory of George Floyd, who died after being detained by several Minneapolis police officers, some of whom have already been convicted by the courts for their actions during the arrest.

After the death of George Floyd, a convicted felon, the country experienced episodes of radical violence that resulted in looting, arson and more than two dozen deaths. The incidents lasted until Donald Trump was no longer president. The international community also joined the protests with symbolic acts such as kneeling before black people because Floyd was African-American.

Now, Minneapolis officials want to go further and spend thousands of dollars to purchase the land to build a tribute to Floyd. The Star Tribune reported that the City Council approved spending $200,000 of taxpayer funds and accepted the equivalent of a $420,000 donation from the landowner to acquire the space, which likely sits on contaminated soil from its years of use as a gas station.

While Minneapolis spends thousands on these tributes, the city continues to be engulfed in a spiral of violence driven by radical movements under the Black Lives Matter (BLM) umbrella. In fact, the city of Minneapolis, a once peaceful place, has become a place with so much hate toward the police that the city is at the point of being unable to find new officers to keep the city safe.