Migration crisis: the continental left is to blame

This is undoubtedly the era of the dispossessed fleeing socialist repression and misery.

A cry of despair is heard in every corner of Latin America. There is an unprecedented exodus of people fleeing our countries into the unknown. The ghost of communism was installed in the continent to plague it with opprobrium, poverty and tyrannical caudillos. The political map has almost completely turned red, with a few exceptions such as Brazil (at least for the time being).

Those of us abroad are concerned about the shift towards socialism that nations such as Peru and Chile, which just a few years ago were showing significant economic growth, are taking. But Argentina's drift and the uncertain future that awaits Colombia in the hands of a former guerrilla, not to mention the problems faced by Nicaraguans, are also of concern. Mexico is another country where the chaos of the left reigns: the Aztec land is in the hands of a president who does not seem to be aware of reality.

It is not the subject of this article to describe the detailed reality of each of our countries, but the fact that there are countless people who embark on the dangerous irregular routes to try to illegally reach another nation that will take them in, is a fact, a tragic evidence of the crisis affecting the continent.

In this scenario, Venezuela is the axis of regional socialism, in duplicity with the Cuban regime, in a relationship that only brings benefits to the dictatorship in Havana. Thanks to the resources of Venezuelans, the Castro brothers first and now Díaz-Canel have managed to get the necessary oxygen to remain screwed in power.

The only thing socialism has been effective at is destroying everything it touches, dividing societies and seeking formulas to undermine the morale of citizens.

The number of people who want to escape from Latin America is increasing every day, the vast majority of them heading for the United States. Those who have died along the way or have been severely traumatized are innumerable. Their tragic reality should be reason enough to condemn the politicians who devastate their nations.

This time will go down in history as a dark period for all of America. This is undoubtedly the era of the dispossessed fleeing the repression and misery caused by today's ruling left.