Michigan: Schools recommend sex change for children behind their parents' backs

The Department of Education implements a program that suggests teachers hide if the child has "suicidal tendencies.”

The Michigan Department of Education implements a program that promotes a theory of "gender fluidity" in children and encourages teachers to "facilitate the sexual transition" of minors without parental consent.

The journalist Christopher F. Rufo of City Journal had access to internal documentation of a training program that taught public school teachers how to carry out the Department of Education's mission. The plan was first made in 2020 and reformulated for public school employees for the 2021-2022 school year.

According to the program’s authors, the world has created the false conception that "gender is binary" in order to oppress racial and sexual minorities. The Department of Education encourages teachers to end "beliefs that are replicated throughout the culture and educational institutions."

Breaking Away From the "Gender Binary"

The authors argue that the first step is to break away from the gender binary. The training recommends that teachers abandon common terms such as "boys and girls," and replace them with neutral variations such as "earthlings," "people with penises," and "people with vulvas."

The Department of Education advises teachers to create "Gender & Sexuality Alliance" clubs. These groups use false names such as "Leadership Club" or "All for Equality" to hide their true purpose from parents. They are designed for the sole purpose of instilling "progressive gender activism" and promoting "sexual fluidity" in minors. Teachers, unlike parents, do know the purposes of the program.

Moving Forward Even With "Suicidal Tendencies"

The training teaches school employees how to help facilitate children’s sex changes while keeping the process secret from parents. They are required to maintain confidentiality about the student's new name, pronouns, and sexual identity. The family may not be aware, unless the child indicates otherwise. Even if a student is "suicidal," it is recommended that school officials keep the student's sexual transition a secret from parents.

To defend the program, the creators point to Title IX guidance from the Biden Administration's Office for Civil Rights: "Schools should use the name and pronouns students demand." In a statement, the Michigan Department of Education defended the program to "respect all children" and "meet the needs of their LGBTQ students."