Mexico: 34 kidnapped migrants rescued on their way to the border

The state of San Luis de Potosi prosecutor's office, together with authorities from Nuevo León, are now searching for those responsible for the migrants' abduction.

The state of San Luis de Potosi prosecutor's office, in central Mexico, announced that an operation by Mexican security forces freed 34 migrants who were kidnapped by an armed group on Monday.

According to the statement from the office of the attorney general, the 34 people were being held in a private farm in the Cruz de Elorza community near Doctor Arroyo in the state of Nuevo León, which borders San Luis de Potosi. The Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) participated in the release operation. Among those released were 10 men, 14 women and 10 children. The day before, authorities had already released six other immigrants. Nine others managed to escape on Tuesday.

According to the victims' statements, the abduction did not take place in the state of San Luis de Potosí, as initially believed, but in the vicinity of the town of Los Medina, in Nuevo León. According to the prosecutor's office, police officers continue to collect data to guide the investigation. The prosecutor's office has not yet reported any arrests in connection with these events.

The kidnapping occurred last Monday. A bus headed for the U.S. border carrying about 50 immigrants was hijacked. The vehicle was found empty on a highway between San Luis de Potosi and Nuevo León. The National Confederation of Mexican Transporters (Conatram) reported that a criminal group contacted them demanding $1,500 for the release of each of the passengers and the two drivers. At the time, the GPS installed on the bus allowed the vehicle to be found quickly.