Mexican influencer Kevin Kaletry shot to death in the middle of a press conference

One of the perpetrators was arrested by the authorities as he tried to flee. The motives for the attack are unknown.

Influencer Kevin Kaletry was murdered Thursday in Mexico City while participating in an event. The events occurred in the Condesa neighborhood, in the center of the Mexican capital. Kevin Kaletry presented a press conference with the participation of Las Perdidas, a group of Mexican trans influencers that will soon premiere a play.

Several cameras were recording at the time of the attack, although it has not been disclosed whether any of them captured the exact moment Kevin Kaletry was killed. According to witnesses to the attack, including artist Wendy Guevara, a male entered the hotel where the event was being held and fired several shots at Kaletry. Along with Guevara, several other communicators shared their version of events on social networks.

Mexican law enforcement authorities arrived on the scene in a short time and subsequently claimed to have made an arrest in connection with the murder of Kevin Kaletry. According to the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City (SSCCM), the culprits escaped from the scene on a motorcycle. Video surveillance allowed the police to reach one of them after a brief chase.

It is unknown what situation may have led to the murder of Kevin Kaletry, or what motives led the alleged killers to kill him. According to the statements of several other influencers, Kevin Kaletry had no relationship with "bad vibe people", so they are shocked following the murder of the 26-year-old.