McCarthy tells China he does not owe an explanation for possible visit to Taiwan

The speaker of the House of Representatives was questioned on the issue during a press conference outside the White House.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy decided not to remain silent in the face of warnings from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) not to go to Taiwan following reports of the representative's potential visit.

The Republican politician showed that he would not be intimidated by China during a press conference where he was asked about the comment that he should not travel to Taiwan as former Speaker Nancy Pelosi did. "I don’t think China can tell me where I can go at any time," McCarthy said after his meeting with President Joe Biden.

Republicans support potential visit

Following rumors of McCarthy's trip to Taiwan and warnings from the Chinese Communist Party, Republicans have spoken out in support of the possible visit. "American lawmakers and officials don’t need a permission slip from Communist China to talk to our friends and allies," said Wisconsin Rep. Tom Tiffany.

California Rep. Michelle Steel also commented on the matter, assuring that the United States will not accept any orders from the Chinese regime. She also stated that the CCP should not "dictate the actions of any free and sovereign nation."

CCP also threatened U.S. over Pelosi's trip

When Nancy Pelosi announced her intentions to go to Taiwan in 2022, the Chinese Communist Party also issued violent threats. "Playing with fire will set you on fire," said Chinese President  Xi Jinping to Biden during a phone call. Xijin Hu, former editor of China's state-owned Global Times, also went so far as to claim that if U.S. fighter jets escorted Pelosi's plane to Taiwan, they would consider it an invasion.

Following the visit, the Chinese regime chose to take a series of military actions to provoke both Taiwan and the United States, including launching missiles towards the island that ended up landing in the waters of Japan's exclusive zone.