Mayra Flores calls for the dismissal of the Secretary of Homeland Security

The Republican congresswoman believes that the current Administration drives illegal immigration and does not provide for the safety of illegal persons. Holds Alejandro Mayorkas responsible.

Mexican-born Republican Congresswoman Mayra Flores has said that it is necessary to dismiss Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. She denounces that the Biden Administration promotes illegal immigration and does not look out for the safety and welfare of illegal aliens, who are subjected to criminal groups at the border. These statements were made at CPAC Texas 2022 .

Flores also believes it is necessary to promote safe and orderly immigration to the United States. "This administration is implementing policies that encourage illegal immigration. And there are also organizations in the United States that go to South America, that go to Mexico and are taking advantage of these people who are in need, who want to escape crime," he argued.

Alejandro Mayorkas is the first Latino and immigrant to serve as Secretary of Homeland Security. In May of this year, he urged those who plan to enter the country illegally "not to come" because they would be expelled. However, the migratory flow situation at the national border is overflowing.

Flores has pointed out that the border wall in South Texas was built during the Barack Obama administration. "I want people to know that the wall in South Texas was actually built during the Obama administration and yet during that time no one claimed it was racist. And that just shows hypocrisy," the congresswoman emphasized.

The U.S. -Mexico border is considered the deadliest land crossing in the world, according to the conclusion of the latest report by the United Nations International Organization for Migration. In 2021, more than 1,238 lives were lost during migration in the Americas. At least 728 of these deaths occurred at the U.S.-Mexico border crossing.