Man accused of murdering his wife arrested just one week after progressive NGO posted bail for him

Portland Freedom Fund posted bail. According to the prosecutor, "Mr. Adan's intention to kill the victim was unequivocal."

A Portland man, identified as Mohamed Osman Adan, has been booked into prison on charges for killing his wife a week after walking out on her. He left prison because the progressive Portland Freedom Fund posted his bail. He was in jail for threatening the mother of his children, Rachael Angel Abraham, 36, who he allegedly killed.

Mohamed Osman Adan had several priors for domestic violence and was being held for violating a restraining order imposed on him for charges of strangulation and attempted assault against the mother of his children. The organization's president, Amanda Trujillo, paid a deposit of 10% of the bail, valued at $20,000, on August 20. That deposit was enough to put a suspected criminal back on the street.

Chronicle of a death foretold

District Attorney Mike Schmidt said in a statement following the death of Rachael Angel Abraham: "Our prosecutors aggressively pursued a high bail amount in this case." He concluded,"Mr. Adam's intent to kill the victim was unequivocal. After the judge set Adan's bond, the Portland Freedom Fund undermined our efforts and the court's efforts to save the victim's life."

A day before the progressive organization was to post bail for the alleged killer, Multnomah County Circuit Judge Jerry B. Hodson denied requests for Adan's release and the possibility of a lower bail.

A county prosecutor, Mackenzie M. Ludwig, had also told the judge that there were "significant fatality factors” surrounding Adan's case, but the contradictions between the judicial decisions and the benefits provided to the defendants by external organizations left the door open to the fatal outcome.

System failure

Rachael Angel Abraham unsuccessfully attempted to call 911 for help on Saturday, August 27 at around 7:30 a.m. However, the call was disconnected and the operator was unable to get in touch with her again. A neighbor finally alerted the authorities when he heard the screams.

Abraham was strangled and stabbed. Her lifeless body was covered with a sheet by the criminal and laid out on the carpet in one of the rooms. The victim leaves a total of six orphaned children. The alleged murderer is the father of two of them.

Portland Freedom Fund

The Portland Freedom Fund is an all-volunteer, bail-only organization for black, brown and Native American individuals in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties.

Following the brutal murder of Rachael Angel Abraham, the Portland Freedom Fund attempted to absolve itself of any responsibility by saying in a statement posted on Facebook that during the entire time between the release and detention of Mohamed Osman Adan, "they received no indication of concern."

In addition, they wrote that their "thoughts are with the families and communities affected by this tragedy, particularly the children who have effectively lost both parents."