Lula's minister resigns after being accused of helping protesters break into the state palace on January 8

The images from the Planalto Palace prove that the current Brazilian government played a key role in the invasion of federal buildings in Brasília, according to congressmen from the opposition.

Marco Gonçalves Dias, Brazilian President Lula's minister and security chief, resigned Wednesday after a video was released in which he can be seen collaborating with protesters who stormed government buildings on January 8.

In the images, broadcasted by CNN Brazil, the then-head of the Institutional Security Bureau (GSI) is seen walking the halls of the Planalto Palace, trying to open some doors and interacting with protesters. According to the Brazilian network: "He seems to guide the invaders." Two other GSI members also appear in the videos handing out bottles of water.

Gonçalves Dias, a career military officer, was appointed to the post by Lula on the same day he took office as president, on January 1, 2023. The protests in Brasília took place on January 8, which means that Gonçalves Dias had been in charge of the ministry for a week before the incidents reported this Wednesday.

Opposition deputies requested that the ex-minister be remanded in custody and hand over his passport. Moreover, the Public Security Committee of the Chamber of Deputies summoned the former minister to explain his conduct. They also alleged that the images show that Lula's administration helped pro-Bolsonaro protesters get into the building and incriminate the former president. One of them was André Fernandes, deputy of the Liberal Party, who posted on his social media:

Not only did Lula's GSI facilitate the entry of the invaders on January 8, but the invaders also received guidance from GSI chief minister Gonçalves Dias, handpicked by Lula. Is there any doubt that the CPMI (Joint Parliamentary Committee to investigate the events of the beginning of the year) on January 8 is a priority?

Gonçalves Dias fights back

The former official stated in an interview with GloboNews channel that the videos were being misinterpreted. He said he was removing people from the third and fourth floors, guiding them to where they were to be arrested. He also argued that the content had been modified to make him look guilty.

Institutional Security Bureau defended the same version in a press release issued on Tuesday. The officers allegedly led the protesters to the second floor so that the riot squad could then arrest them. The agency also explained that an investigation has been opened:

Regarding the allegations that GSI agents collaborated with the invaders of the Planalto Palace, it is reported that the conduct of the involved GSI public agents is being examined in an inquiry investigation initiated within the scope of this Ministry and if irregular conduct is proven, the respective perpetrators will be held accountable.