Lucio Dupuy's killers sentenced to life in prison

The Argentine courts imposed the maximum prison sentence on Magdalena Espósito Valenti, the child's mother, and Abigaíl Páez, the mother's girlfriend.

The Court of Santa Rosa in Argentina sentenced Magdalena Espósito Valenti and Abigaíl Páez to life in prison for the murder of five-year-old Lucio Dupuy. In a hearing that lasted only a few minutes, the judge imposed the maximum prison sentence on the boy's mother and her girlfriend, who were not in the courtroom at the time of the ruling.

On Feb. 2, the court declared Magdalena Espósito Valenti (mother of the child) and Abigaíl Páez (Valenti's girlfriend) responsible for the murder of Lucio Dupuy on Nov. 26, 2021.

It was determined that Valenti was the main perpetrator of her son's crime and responsible for the crime of aggravated homicide of a family member, premeditation and extreme cruelty. Páez was found guilty of premeditated murder in addition to continuous sexual abuse against a minor.

During the sentencing hearing, the judges concluded that the guilty parties "physically assaulted Lucio Dupuy, causing him multiple injuries that subsequently caused his death." The convicted women were not present in the courtroom.