Los Angeles: Interstate 10 reopens as search continues for fire suspect

Officials explained that as repairs continue in the coming months, citizens should expect some temporary closures on weekends and overnight.

California Governor, Gavin Newsom, reported that Interstate 10 in Los Angeles has been reopened following a fire that caused its closure the previous weekend. Authorities detailed that they are still searching for a suspect involved in setting the fire. Vice President Kamala Harris was also present at the reopening announcement.

A large fire that started in a homeless encampment caused the indefinite closure of Interstate 10. The fire caused serious structural damage to one of the busiest roads in the state, which runs east to west from Santa Monica to the border with Arizona, passing through Los Angeles.

"Thanks to the tireless work of Caltrans and union construction crews and with help from our partners — from the Mayor’s office to the White House — the 10’s expedited repair is proof and a point of pride that here in California, we deliver," said the governor, who also highlighted that the announcement, eight days after the fire, comes well ahead of the original project schedule.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris also thanked them for their work and described them as "extraordinary." "It was possible with the will and ambition of the workers on the ground, and their commitment as public servants and as union members to get this done and deliver for the people of Los Angeles. This is the kind of work that is happening around the country – where hard-working men and women, carpenters, laborers, and government workers, are rebuilding America’s infrastructure. Thank you to those workers for your commitment to the country," Harris said.

"It is suspected that the fire on Interstate 10 was arson"

However, Governor Newsom's Office explained that as repairs continue in the coming months, citizens should expect some temporary weekend and overnight closures, along with intermittent lane closures.

Finally, the office asked the public to collaborate in the search for the suspect behind the fire. "CAL FIRE’s investigation into the fire — suspected to be arson — remains ongoing. A person of interest has been identified and members of the public are encouraged to provide any leads or tips, which can be sent anonymously to the CAL FIRE Arson Hotline at 1-800-468-4408 or [email protected]," the office said.