Kristi Noem: the border is "a war zone"

Kristi Noem wonders if Vice President Harris knows she is in charge of the border, "because I don't see any activity there".

Kristi Noem, governor of South Dakota, has stated in response to reporters that she does not know if Vice President Kamala Harris is still in charge of the border, "because I haven't seen any activity on her part." Noem believes that "what's happening at the border is completely different than just illegal immigration. This is a national security threat because we don't have a secure border".

The governor pointed out that "when Arizona and Texas asked for help, I sent my National Guard. In fact, I was the first governor" to do so. "Most other governors were responding with law enforcement, but recognizing the unique situation we have down there, it literally is a war zone, so we had members volunteer to go as a unit to partner with the Texas Guard and work with Border Patrol" she said, as quoted by Just the News.

Notice to NGOs

As the situation continues, so do efforts by the state of South Dakota to provide assistance, "now I'll be sending down some of my National Guard, Lakota helicopters, to help us with surveillance".

Noem has issued a warning to NGOs and non-profit organizations. He has told them that if they make it easier for people to cross the border illegally and work to skirt federal laws, "they would have a difficult time with their state contracts and licenses".

Biden builds the wall

President Joe Biden has approved the expansion of the border with Mexico. In the 2020 election campaign he promised not to erect "not one more meter" of the border. And he called the infrastructure he is now expanding a "racist wall".