Justice Dept. sues Idaho over its anti-abortion law

Attorney General Merrick Garland believes it "criminalizes doctors."

The Attorney General Merrick Garland, has announced a lawsuit against the state of Idaho for considering that its anti-abortion law prevents pregnancy terminations when the woman's health is at risk, although it does authorize them when the pregnant woman's life is at stake or in cases of rape or incest.

The Justice Department argues that the state law, which is scheduled to go into effect on the 25th, conflicts with the federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, under which anyone who arrives at a medical facility for an emergency must be treated and stabilized. Thus, physicians would be obliged to provide pregnant women with any necessary assistance, which could include abortion.

"As detailed in our complaint, Idaho law would make it a criminal offense for physicians to provide emergency medical treatment required by federal law," explained Garland, who noted that sometimes "the medical treatment necessary to stabilize the patient's condition is abortion."

First lawsuit against a state, and "it will not be the last"

The prosecutor Garland stated that it is the first action by the Department of Justice against a state, but it will not be the last, as, after the cancellation by the Supreme Court of the ruling Roe vs Wadea working group has been set up on reproductive rights that it will have to evaluate "the changing landscape of state laws" and to study "additional litigation". against other states.