John Fetterman's 'proof of life': photos of senator working from hospital released by his team

The Pennsylvania representative was admitted nearly a month ago to Walter Reed Army Medical Center for clinical depression.

John Fetterman's team released a 'proof of life' to show that the Democratic senator continues to work from the hospital. The Pennsylvania representative was admitted last month to the Walter Reed Military Medical Center for clinical depression and has been hospitalized ever since, as announced by his chief of staff, Adam Jentleseon via a tweet:

GOP calls for Fetterman's resignation

In the snapshots, the Democratic representative can be seen as he debates with his staff on some of the legislation to be passed in the upcoming Senate sessions. Fetterman was admitted after feeling "dizzy." A few days later, he returned to the medical center for depression and has been hospitalized ever since.

Faced with this, the Republican Party of Washington County, Pennsylvania, called via a Facebook post for the senator's resignation or for him to demonstrate that he can still work without problems:

Fetterman's admission also joins the absence in the Senate of Dianne Feinstein. The 89-year-old senator's illness, coupled with Fetterman's medical leave, places the chamber's Democratic majority at risk.