Institutional Pride: government agencies fly the LGBT flag

The White House, Air Force, NASA, Navy and even the CIA posted messages celebrating Pride Month.

June is LGBT Pride Month. For years, many organizations and companies have been celebrating this month, and more and more are joining them and posting messages in support of the cause, even the government. On social media, many welcome the support of these organizations for their visibility. Others, on the contrary, believe that these institutions should not take a position on this issue due to the political tone that the LGBT lobby has acquired in recent times.

Many people criticized the UN initiative. The organization replaced the flags of the countries that make up the organization and changed it for the rainbow LGBT flag, unleashing the anger of several people:

The Navy also tried to give voice to this lobby. However, the initiative was short-lived. On June 1, their social networks posted an image showing an airplane billowing rainbow smoke and a message next to it that read "Pride Month" over and over again. The post did not even last 24 hours before it disappeared from the Navy's pages. The same happened with its logo, which went from rainbow to back to normal again.

Screenshot of the message posted by the Navy for LGBT Pride Month.
(Screenshot / Instagram: US Navy).

LGBT lobby reaches out to the federal government

Oblivious to this, the White House, the Air Force, NASA and even the CIA continue to celebrate Pride Month. And their posts on social networks are becoming more and more common, giving voice to this lobby and, once again, stirring up controversy: