Instagram prepares to launch an app to compete against Twitter

According to a report from Bloomberg, the social network has been secretly testing this new application, which could be released in June.

Instagram is preparing to launch an app to compete against Twitter. According to a report from Bloomberg, the social network owned by Meta has been secretly testing this new application with the collaboration of celebrities and influencers, and it is projected to hit the market in JuneLia Haberman, professor of digital marketing at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) shared a first look at the potential design of this new application on her Twitter account:

The app, which has remained top secret which no one has had full access to, will be separate from Instagram, but users who wish to connect their accounts on the two platforms will be able to do so. The same applies to other social networks such as Mastodon, which also can be connected with the new app, according to "people familiar with the matter."

Haberman also gave some details about this new social network. According to the thread she posted on Twitter, posts would have a limit of 500 characters and a main feed that will show users’ followers and recommended content based on their use of the app. In addition, like other social networks, it will also include both videos and images.

Along with this, the app will take privacy seriously. Haberman elaborated, saying, "It will have creator controls and account security features." In this way, both blocked accounts on Instagram and hidden words will be transferred and preserved in the new application.