Immigration: more than half of Americans believe the U.S. is experiencing an "invasion" on its southern border

A large share of Democrats (40%) criticize the Biden Administration's immigration policy.

Fifty-four percent of the total U.S. population describes the situation on the border with Mexico as an "invasion", while 40% of those who support the Democratic Party criticize Biden's immigration policy. This fact shows the dissatisfaction with the president even among his own voters.

These data are reflected in a survey conducted by the consulting firm Ipsos on the 19th, which details the widespread dissatisfaction with Joe Biden's management.

A majority of whites - 58% specifically - oppose how the Biden Administration is handling the immigration issue. Forty-seven percent of Hispanics believe an "invasion" is taking place on the border with Mexico. As for African Americans and Asians, 43% and 45%, respectively, believe the Administration is hurting the country with its handling of the immigration crisis.

By age, the younger the respondent, the lower the negative evaluation of the Administration in this matter. Forty-one percent of the population between the ages of 18 and 34 oppose its migration policies, compared to 52% of the 35-54 age group and 66% of those over 55.

Infographics Ipsos invasion

Another statistic reflected in the survey is that 43% of Hispanic Americans believe it is more important to secure the borders and benefit U.S. citizens than to help immigrants.

The director of the Center for Immigration Studies, Mark Krikorian, shares the "invasion" label. "While it probably won't be an invasion in the literal sense - because no one will be crossing the Rio Grande with guns and tanks - it sure feels like an invasion. There are record numbers of illegal alien arrests, and the Administration has released over a million illegal aliens, so that's what people are going to think," Krikorian explained.

Record figures

Nearly 5 million people have entered the country illegally since Joe Biden has been president. This figure is similar to that of the population of states such as South Carolina or Alabama. It reflects the Administration's parsimony on the immigration issue.

Concern is heightened when border patrols are known to seize large drug shipments or arrest individuals linked to terrorism.