House passes bill to protect babies who survive abortion attempts

The initiative, introduced by Missouri Republican Ann Wagner, moved forward after obtaining 220 votes.

This Wednesday the House of Representatives passed a bill that protects the life of those born during or after an attempted abortion, proving that this issue will be a priority throughout the new term of Congress.

The Republican-majority Congress chose the bill, which was introduced by Missouri Republican Representative Ann Wagner, as one of the first bills to be voted on and succeeded in passing it with 220 votes, compared to 210 negative votes from the Democrats.

The "Born Alive" protection bill would require healthcare professionals to provide life-saving care to babies who survive an abortion attempt.

"Babies born alive following an abortion should be entitled to the same legal protections that any child receives following birth," said Republican Rep. Kat Cammack.

The measure would not impose sanctions on the mother and would even protect her from prosecution. However, it would hit healthcare providers who fail to comply with care requirements with fines or prison sentences of up to five years.

It is likely that the bill will not prosper due to the fact that the Democrats hold the majority in the Senate and it requires their approval before it can be signed into law by President Joe Biden.

However, the fact that Republicans chose this bill as one of their first House votes shows that abortion will be a major issue in this 118th Congress.

"Republicans will always stand to protect America's pro-life values," said Republican Rep. Michelle Fischbach.

The House also passed a resolution condemning "recent attacks on pro-life facilities, groups, and churches," specifically naming the violent acts that occurred in May 2022.