Hispanic vote: DeSantis launches Spanish-language re-election ad

The governor of Florida has launched a campaign in search of the Hispanic vote, which will be decisive in the November elections.

Ron DeSantis is well aware of the importance of the Hispanic vote for re-election next November. The Florida governor addressed the Hispanic-American voter directly in his latest campaign commercial. The advertisement is presented entirely in Spanish and is titled 'Libre' (Free).

The ad presents the state of Florida as the gateway to the 'American dream', giving a voice to Hispanics in Miami who are grateful for the governor's efforts. "I support Governor DeSantis because he understands all cultures in Florida," said one fan. "Governor DeSantis is protecting all parental rights," added another Floridian voter.

They were joined by the voices -always in Spanish and with English subtitles- of personalities such as Lieutenant Governor Jeannete Nuñez, who described DeSantis as "a fighter who knows how to lead", or voters who praised the "life of freedom without government interference" that Florida breathes. Hence the importance of the slogan: 'Keep Florida free'. The 60-second spot will be aired in the Miami local media.

Florida, attractive place of residence

Florida is one of the states most benefited from internal migration. Low taxation, escaping from indoctrination laws or freedom of parents in the education of their children made the state one of the main recipients of internal migration in the country.

Governor DeSantis' management of difficult times such as the pandemic made him an important asset to the Republican Party. According to an article written by the Wall Street Journal editorial board, which is based on public IRS data, Florida is the state that has gained the most in revenue during the pandemic from out-of-state migrations: $23.7 billion.

Florida is also among the states that have recovered the best economically since the pandemic. DeSantis refused to shut down the economy or enforce harsh quarantines that were experienced in other states across the country.

With these credentials, the Florida governor has recently become one of the Republican strongholds for a possible presidential candidacy in 2024. For the time being, the governor aspires to remain at the helm of a state in which the Hispanic vote proves decisive for the next election.