Hawaii's Democratic governor signs pro-abortion bill

Josh Green, who is also a practicing physician, stated that "women have a right to choose" to terminate their pregnancies.

Hawaii's Democratic governor signed a pro-abortion bill into law Wednesday. Josh Green, who is also a practicing physician, signed Senate Bill 1, also known as Act 2, assuring that, contrary to what other states are doing, he will not cooperate with civil or criminal investigations related to abortion.

Just the News reported that this law prohibits "the issuance of a subpoena in connection with an out-of-state or interstate investigation related to abortion." It also prevents any government agency from providing information, as well as spending time or resources to collaborate with any investigation related to the termination of pregnancy. Green claimed while signing the bill that this issue is one of the most important issues facing the country.

This is one of the most important issues of our time and as Hawaii’s physician-governor, I tell you absolutely that this goes beyond a complex social issue for political discussion. This is 100% about fundamental, practical health care for our people.

Hawaii is in favor of abortion

In statements reported by Courthouse News Service the Democrat said that women, whom he called "pregnant people," should be free to decide when to terminate their pregnancies:

Women have a right to choose to have an abortion. Doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants, health care providers, have a right to care for their patients in the way that they think is the best for them in a private way for those in need. That’s what’s at stake here.

With this law, Green increases abortion protection in Hawaii, which was the first state to legalize the practice in 1970. It does so while safeguarding possible legal implications for both abortion applicants and abortion providers.

In addition, the governor has the support of several legislators who are also in favor of this new pro-abortion law. Senator Joy San Buenaventura, the bill's sponsor, welcomed its passage:

To those noble physicians, I say, E Komo Mai! Hawaii welcomes you! Hawaii has shown that we will stand by our medical providers, we will stand by our physicians. And that those who provide safe abortion and contraception, even if it’s just to offer advice to tourists, will not have to fear arrest, extradition, or subpoena.