Half of Americans in favor of banning TikTok

An overwhelming majority consider China to be the top security threat to the U.S., far ahead of Russia.

A national poll on current issues revealed that 49% of Americans would welcome a ban on TikTok. In addition, 61% consider China to be the main threat to national security, compared to 22% who point to Russia. Regarding the origin of COVID-19, almost two-thirds of the respondents (64%) pointed to a laboratory leak as the cause. In addition, the Biden Administration's immigration policy (62%) and its treatment of the border with Mexico (64%) again elicit a majority in disapproval, especially among Hispanics (66% and 72%, respectively).

Hispanics undecided about TikTok

According to a Quinnipiac University poll, a ban on Tiktok is supported by nearly half of Americans (49%), while 42% do not support a national ban. The initiative is much more popular (64%) among Republican voters than among Democrats, who mostly opposed (51%). Respondents who declare themselves independent are also in favor of the ban. Among Hispanics, there is a tie (46%) between those in favor and those who disapprove of the ban. Young people between 18 and 34 years of age are massively opposed (65%) to the application ceasing to be available in the country.

Tension with China and Russia

At a time when the U.S. is experiencing escalating tensions with Russia and China, a large majority see the latter (61%) as the main threat to the country. Those who consider that the main challenge comes from Russia reach 22%. North Korea, with its nuclear threats, ranks third, with 8%. Among Hispanics, Beijing remains the main threat, although with less intensity (56%), while Russia seems slightly (23%) more threatening.

COVID came out of a laboratory

There is also a large majority, almost two-thirds of respondents (64%), who believe that COVID is the result of a leak from a laboratory. Only 22% defend Fauci's favored theory that it is of natural origin. 65% of Hispanics believe the accident was a biological experiment, while 23% believe the official version.

72% of Hispanics critical of Biden's border work

The Biden Administration's immigration policy continues to sink, with 62% of citizens disapproving. This figure is even higher among Hispanics (66%), who reject Biden's work in this area. Things are even worse when asking about the situation on the border with Mexico. The arrival of irregular immigrants continues unabated and 64% reject the lack of action by the federal administration and the Department of Homeland Security in this area. Among Hispanics, nearly three in four (72%) are critical.

Biden continues to suspend

President Biden's rating remains below a passing grade. Only 39% of the population considers that the president is doing well, while 55% of the population fails in his administration (60% among Hispanics). Biden's economic performance is also not at its best, with 59% of respondents (66% among Latinos) disapproving.

Republican candidates for 2024

The poll also asked about potential Republican candidates for the next election. Former President Donald Trump is the favorite candidate for 46% of respondents, followed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, with 32% of the support. In third place, far behind, is Nikki Haley, with 5% of the vote.

However, both conservative politicians would be defeated by the current president in a hypothetical election held at this time. Biden would beat his predecessor by four points (49%-45%) while beating DeSantis by just one (47%-46%). However, if only Hispanics voted, the GOP candidates would be the victors (49%-40% Trump and 50%-41% DeSantis).