Gustavo Petro dissociates himself from his son, accused of corruption with drug traffickers

Nicolas Petro allegedly received money from crime boss Samuel Santander for his father's presidential campaign.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro dissociates himself from his son, Nicolas, accused of receiving money from drug traffickers. Gustavo Petro himself had his son investigated after the information was made public. The investigation by presidential order coincides with the president's latest statements to Cambio magazine, in which he assured that he had not been present in his son's education.

According to Gustavo Petro, his dedication to the cause of the M-19 guerrillas prevented him from participating in Nicolás' upbringing. "We never really had the opportunity to live together. I did not raise him, that is the reality", explained the Colombian president in his interview with Cambio. The statements were made just one day before ordering an investigation of his son and colleague from the same political party.

The ex-wife of Nicolás Petro, son of Colombian President Gustavo Petro, accused her ex-husband of receiving dirty money from drug traffickers to finance his father's campaign. This information was made public by the Colombian media Semana after an interview with Petro's ex-wife.

According to Daisy Vásquez, who married Nicolás Petro in 2019, it was Samuel Santander Lopesierra, a narco known as the Marlboro Man, who gave the money to the Petros during the presidential campaign. The figure would amount to 600 million pesos, the equivalent of 124,700 US dollars. However, according to Daisy Vásquez, the money was not spent in the electoral campaign, but was kept by Nicolás Petro himself, who is a representative in the House of Representatives of the Atlántico department for his father's party.

These accusations are added to those of receiving money from Colombian businessman Alfonso el Turco Hilsaca . Cambio magazine revealed the suspicious lifestyle of the president's son, who resides in a penthouse valued at more than half a million dollars located in Barranquilla. According to Cambio, this lifestyle does not match the declared income of the president's son.

The president's hypocrisy

This time the newspaper archive decided to highlight the Colombian president's hypocrisy. The national media remembered how, during his pre-campaign for the presidency, Gustavo Petro harshly criticized fathers who left home. The then candidate assured at a rally in the city of Pereira that those fathers who did not raise their children should compensate them with their assets. "Where are the men?" exclaimed Gustavo Petro pointing out the high rate of parental abandonment in cities like Bogota or Pereira.

For his part, Nicolás Petro issued a statement in which he assures to make himself available to the relevant authorities to make clear his innocence. He assures that the money received does not come from any illegal activity. Nor of contacts with mafias. However, Nicolás Petro does not deny having received money from businessmen or other outsiders during his father's electoral campaign.